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Below you will find some of Tayzer's mixsets and tracks.

(If your having problems listening to the audio see the note below.)

Positively Positiva Part 2 (Dec 2013)

Positively Positiva Part 1 (Sept 2013)

The Sound Of Swedish House (Feb 2013)

Vinyl vs CDs (June 2011)

Hard Classix (May 2010)

Inspirations For A Harder Generation (Dec 2009)

Funked UP

Out Of The House Sept (2009)

Tayzer's Tidy Tribute (May 2009)

Commy House Groove 4 (Jan 2009)

Tasty Trance

Digitayzed (30th July 2007)

Bank Holiday Bounce Session on DDF:HV (9th April 2007)

Bassline Kickin' (Dec 2006)


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Music For A Harder Generation (Chris Fury Remix)

Relax - (Tayzer's Radio Friendly Rockin' Remix)

Withered (Original mix)

Withered (Sauce remix)



The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize (Tayzer remix)

RTTTM - Cheeky little mash-up I knocked up a few years ago using three classic tracks.

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NOTE: As you can see above most mixes and tracks are high bit rate MP3 or OGG and will not stream well on Dial-Up connections.
Some files are in the Vorbis .OGG format so your audio player needs to support that format in order to listen to them.

WinAmp(Windows) or VLC(Windows/MAC OS X/Linux) are two suggested audio players that will play/stream Vorbis .OGG audio files.

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